Music Clips

Teardrops From My Eyes (587 KB mp3)
From "Blues N' Jazz" CD by B.B. King
This is a vibes solo I did on a B.B. King album called "Blues N' Jazz", which won a Grammy Award. B.B. did a take on a popular Ruth Brown recording, "Teardrops From My Eyes" which we did in the first session. The following morning, before the second session, I was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call from B.B. complimenting me on this solo and saying, "I told the other guys in the band to get the feeling that you got on this one." That's Major Holley you hear on bass and Oliver Jackson on drums.

All the Things You Are (5.7 MB mp3)
Warren Chiasson Trio, Featuring Jimmy Garrison & Beaver Harris (Live at the Town Crier, East Islip, NY)
Jimmy Garrison was the bassist with the great John Coltrane Quartet. Shortly after the death of Coltrane, Jimmy was introduced to me by my good friend and vibraphone student, Lenny Cujé. We hit it off both artistically and as friends and ended up playing the northeast area for over three years, often as the Warren Chiasson/Jimmy Garrison Duo, but in other combinations as well (trio, quartet, etc.). Jimmy was not only a superb musician who laid down a solid pulse, but was a very kind and caring human being. I still miss him very much. That's Beaver Harris on drums, with whom I played regularly. Special thanks to Harold Scott for recording this and to his daughter, Linda Keating, for sending me these photographs.
Photos from actual gig. Click on each photo for larger view.
Warren Chiasson
Jimmy Garrison
Beaver Harris

Avalon (1.55 MB mp3, 3:18 mins)
Stompin' At The Savoy (2.3 MB mp3, 4:55 mins)
Live Carnegie Hall performance: historic tribute
From a concert and gala event in which I was invited to play the vibes in Hampton's place at the 50th anniversary re-creation of the historic Benny Goodman concert of 1938 at Carnegie Hall. Hampton was originally scheduled to appear, but was unable to do so due to a prior touring commitment. This event took place on the exact day of the original concert (January 16th) and Goodman's daughter, Benjie formally presented her father's clarinet to Isaac Stern, who accepted it on behalf of the hall. See Hampton tribute page for more information.
Bedouin (3.8 MB mp3)
Written by Warren Chiasson, from "Quartessence" CD
This is an original composition of mine which is featured on my album, Quartessence and which will be reissued soon. It was inspired by the musical philosophy of Booker Little who had a fascination with exotic scales and mideastern flavors. As far as I'm concerned, Booker Little was the major creative trumpeter after Clifford Brown. The players on this album are Andy Simpkins on bass, Rusty Jones on drums and Ron Anthony on guitar.

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