Press Quotes
"One of the six top vibraphonists of the last half century."
- The New York Times
"Joy - now, there's a word people don't always toss around loosely when talking about music. But it's the perfect word to describe how Warren Chiasson approaches the vibraphone - with great joy and with terrific mastery, too."
- All About Jazz
"Canadian Warren Chiasson is an American legend who's played with the best of them"
- Pat MacAdam, The Ottawa Sun
"Chiasson said he thought that a title of one of George Shearing's albums aptly summed up the pianist: "A Touch of Genius." Based on the performance here, it would seem that the phrase applies to the vibraphonist, too."
- All About Jazz
"We who attended the opening concert of The Duke Ellington Society's season were treated to the most delightful and effervescent display of superior talent. Unassuming and modest on first sight, this musician exploded in pure energy and ebullience as he led his quartet through a repertoire of familiar Ellington and Strayhorn tunes."
- The Duke Ellington Society Newsletter (see complete review)
"…one of the most exciting programs of purely spontaneous jazz that we have had in a long time… He definitely is his own man. His four mallet technique and great sense of humor were one of the highlights of the evening."
- The Swinger, Publication of The Hartford Jazz Society
"I was unprepared for Chiasson, although I'd been warned. The Canadian-born vibist broke up the Van Dyck nightly… Fortunately, we may see this neat little band return. The club was pleased - a surprising number of folks braved sub-zero cold…"
- John Marcille, Schenectady Gazette
"Warren Chiasson, the energetic and innovative Canadian vibist, has developed a stunning independent four mallet technique of playing vibes."
- Bruce Nixon, The Trenton Times 
"…Tal Farlow called in vibist Warren Chiasson to pinch-hit. It was a good choice since Chiasson performed like Reggie Jackson working in the World Series."
- Owen McMally, The Hartford Courant
"Warren Chiasson is one of the tastiest vibraphone players in New York today. He's shown that time and again."
- Joe Klee, Modern Recording
"Mr. Chiasson is an adept four mallet specialist who uses the blend of guitar and vibes as the basis for performances that flow with soft, seductive colors and textures."
- John Wilson, The New York Times
"Mr. Chiasson, a veteran of the George Shearing Quintet, is a vibraharpist with an unusually broad appeal… On his own, he is a polished performer and this provides a good reason for seeking him out."
- John Wilson, The New York Times
"Warren Chiasson was the center of attention both for his fine playing and for his body English. When he goes into action, Chiasson throws himself at the vibes. Despite the demonic activity, his sound is smooth and blends perfectly."
- Robert Butler, Kansas City Times